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18 years education + 18 years engineering + 18 years Brazilian Jiu Jitsu + Sickness =  Stay-At-Home Dad. 

This blog is about the thoughts and activities of an engineer who has to be a Stay-At-Home Dad of 3 preteen daughters, due to being sick.

I am a father of three daughters entering their teens, an Electrical Engineer, have a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, born in 1970 and I was diagnosed with Cervical Degenerative Disc disease with cervical Radiculopathy in 2012 due to being in a sedentary office job since 1994.

I thought that I would heal in a few weeks but, realised that degenerative means, as Murphy says "it will get worse".

When I sit, stand or move slowly gravity works directly down on my discs and my vertebrae starts to press on my nerves and I get radiating pain down my arms. When I move the pressure is distributed, giving discs regeneration time and the nerves have more space. The other option to reduce the pain is to get my neck in a horizontal position by lying down.

Healthier times
To slow the degeneration I need to remain active and strengthen my muscles, especially around my vertebrae. However, after losing my sedentary office job and suffering from pain for several months, due to a few pinched nerves, I slipped into a depression and did not take proper care of myself.

Meaning, I did not train regularly and began eating too much. Initially the pain was too severe to even do any basic training movements so I spent many hours just lying around.

Slowly started to move again, did housework and worked in the garden.

My new job is to:
  • clean
  • cook
  • repair
  • wash
  • keep the kids fit
  • kids home work
  • and remain positive
The Blog is about my thoughts and activities.

A job as challenging to me as building a power station and probably the most important job of them all.

The Stay-At-Home Dad produces a functional home and the future adults.

The future are the kids and to ensure that the world is a better place I need to be 

the best  Stay-At-Home Dad I can be.


  1. A fellow South African, finding his way through adversity... Goodluck Mr Houseman! Wish you good health and prosperity!

  2. Find your blog interesting. Similar backgrounds, you have quite a few more years of training that I do. Wish I had started sooner though. Are you training under anyone now? Just curious

    1. I train with various clubs in the region now, not one teacher anymore. At least our kids can have an early start.

  3. Jehad Al-Bolman15 July 2014 at 19:57

    Respect, All Day long!!!!!!!1


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