Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Place called FOREXHAVEN

A safe haven for the rich is probably best, when maintained by an empowered educated working class and a voting system that systematically removes the minorities, whether they are disabled or the unemployable sick.

When the working class have their safety and the rich have their bullion, then a place of comfort for those who are able to contribute to it, will exist.

To contribute, you either have to be rich or you have to be a sleek working part in the efficient maintenance crew.

This is what some 1st class countries are and many are striving to become, a place with a stable currency.

When you are super rich, you probably don’t care about which bank will give you the best return on your investment; you care more that your billions will be worth billions, whenever you wish to use a part of it for your next favourite exploitation.

Maybe some of the bullion stockers gathered and planned, to ensure a safe haven for their stores.

"Let’s call the place FOREXHAVEN". They said,

We will pump in the cash, for the perfect infrastructure, to streamline it's sustainability, with perfect standards of excellence.

We will get the best minds together and import any service needed.

We will empower the working class with education and training to maintain our system.

We will give them the direct voting power to decide on certain maintenance policies.

We will pay them well, even the lowest skilled worker, while they perform their roles. There will be no need to be educated professionally or to be smart to live a comfortable workers life. 

We will keep them trained and satisfied for their roles as responsible maintainers.

They will feel secure, think that they are contributing and feel that they have value.

And when they cannot perform anymore, we will inspire them to vote against any governmental  assistance for any who are not be able to carry their weight and threaten our system.

We will do this by reminding them that they have always been paid well by the companies.

And that these companies will also care for those who are disabled and unable to work as effectively as the healthy.

They will then happily vote against the minorities, by voting for the good companies to care for the minorities and provide suitable jobs without enforcement by the governors.

They will forget that, that no company will willingly employ a disabled, when a healthy one is available.

And the disabled are the minority in this healthy, well empowered abundant maintenance crew and hence, the minorities will continuously be filtered out without burdening us or being noticed.

Let’s make the tax system low to attract the rich. Yes, rich folk will pay less Tax Percentage wise.

But because they have so much, we will get enough from only one rich person, than from 10000’s of working tax persons.

Let’s do the same to attract companies.

In the end we will have FOREXHAVEN.

Filled, with a happy, well cared for maintenance crew.

Who will vote out the minorities if they need assistance that will burden us.

This way ensuring a perfect system, where the bullion will maintain its worth, even in the worst of times.

When the world might be fighting each other,

Some will be earning more bullion, by selling weapons and have safety in knowing that their planned FOREXHAVEN is available.

A Place called FOREXHAVEN, filled with happy trained role players, who blissfully maintain it, with effective efficiency.

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