Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mutating to Houseman


1 Hour and 2 minutes to fold the washing.

Multipurpose training room, this use was never foreseen.

Folding clothes.

The modern world.

Working Man is mutating.

I am the future.

Well, most things bore me. At least this way I can do something to help my family.

Then I feel I did something worthwhile. 

I used to design safety and control equipment for nuclear power stations. 

There, I never felt I did something worthwhile and it was boring. 

Was just some way to make sure our company made a profit. 

I think god broke my neck so I can do something I find useful. 

Being smart has made most things I do boring.

Most people stress and probably can never do certain things I have done, yet to me most things are just too easy and soon bore me.

I don't know all things, I just know quickly enough what will bore more.

Basics like caring for my family, cooking, cleaning and teaching them martial arts to protect themselves, makes me feel I did something useful for the day especially, since my wife has to work now because I can't find any suitable paying job.

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