Saturday, 31 January 2015

Queeny Returns

Queeny is returning from her skiing trip with the school.

A trip she did not want to go on.

A silent diplomat with intense courage and self will.

Queeny has won a few BJJ competitions and has a deep knowledge of MMA for a thirteen year old girl.

Maybe this is partly why she is not well befriended.

Or is it her thirteen years, in a class of some who are fifteen, having skipped a year of kindergarten, could this have been a disadvantage?

Queeny might be the same size, however is not at that age when talking about boys and romance occupies her, as with some teenagers.

Her teacher says she seldom partakes in the class, is a loner, but is not bullied by the kids and when something happens she would stand up for herself.

I worry about this trip. Did she at least enjoy the skiing?

When they left she looked so lonely and out of place amidst the herding kids.

She enjoys skiing, but what girl would enjoy being alone amongst many.

She would probably prefer to have gone alone.

She has been enjoying rock climbing on her own for years now.

She arrives a 19:30 today. I wish she could at least have made one connection.

We said she should be like little Mongkey, who takes a friend when she needs it.

Perhaps Queeny's feelings are too deep and she don't understand superficial interactions and chooses to be alone?

Perhaps the skiing activity would have pointed the chats, in a more sporting direction, instead of fashion, romance or pop music. Things she has no interest in.

Now I await her arrival and hope  to see a smile on my diplomat.

At times I cannot read what she is hiding behind her polite correct behaviour.

Is she happy or sad, even her smile confuses me at times.

I hope she enjoyed the trip, I have missed the confusion she has over me.

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