Friday, 30 January 2015

Pops's creations

Watching Pops creating anything. 

Be it her tea, her favorite cocoa drink or a model of  yack enclosure. 

Is like watching an artist. 

The way she savours the movements, the ingredients, the details in how she stirs in slow methodical flowing strokes, her utter concentration and of course the preparation makes it an an intoxicating event that cannot be denied.

Pops's spectacle normally starts preplanned, organised and timed.

She would first research a new interest using the library, magazines, the internet or her elders.

Depending on the interest, she would then set out to experiment or test what she has investigated.

Once she ordered a chemistry set and the pharmacy had to import a few chemicals. 

A time is then set for each experiment, nothing is left to chance, to spoil the fun in the creation she has planned. 

In the next few days, she has planned three meals she will be cooking for us. 

Her order is placed and the ingredients are coming.

It is going to be a surprise, she seldom repeats the same recipes. 

It is this open world of cooking and creating that still inspires her in this path. 

Tweaking the recipes to her tastes.
Pops's remains deep in concentration like a stalking predator who successfully caught its prey and is savouring the flavours that maintains her life. 

A simple cup of warm milk between her cute cuddly hands as she enjoys the heat of the cup and the taste of her preparations as the hours pass alone in her world of milk.

Exact and calm in her executions. 

On her own time. 

A spectacle to witness. 

A wondrous event.

A beautiful meal.

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