Thursday, 29 January 2015

My life explained with no facts

Here I try Explain how I grew up without using facts, like I had two brothers or born in Africa and focus on experiences, perceptions, ideas etc.?

At the start I felt minute and vulnerable, everything was big, scary and risky. 

However, the presence of some others and their protective forces in my life gave me security.

So much so, there were times I would be risky and attempt things I feared when alone. 

Life was exciting even from this small vantage point. I knew the forces around me would protect me.

So I became free, wild, explored and did what pleased me...until the fire. 

The injury stopped the joy. 

The pain caused me to retract and attach to a particular safe bubble. 

This is where I remained for many years enjoying the security in the bubble. 

Until I could risk leaving it again. 

Slowly becoming strong and free, eventually encircling others in my bubble and protecting them and giving them that security I had as a kid.

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