Tuesday, 16 December 2014

chat saying good bye to a brother

After I heard my brother, who is 6 years older has cancer, I contacted him.

He refused any contact with me since 2001. 

Besides the two arguments when we met after my mom died and before my dad died. 

In the chat it looks like he has no interest in reconciliation. His hatred must be deep. 

One day it would be nice to hear from him why.

Even though my mom told me a few days before she died, about my 2 brothers who now have cancer, to leave them and when they die you have missed nothing, since one cannot get blood from a stone, I again tried to make contact.

It is of course disappointing, however in time I will be ok again.

Here is the chat . 

[14/12/2014 09:07] ME: I hear you sick. Goodluck with recovery
[14/12/2014 09:07] Mellowman: Thanks
[14/12/2014 09:07] ME: P. Bear
[14/12/2014 09:12] ME: Lung cancer. From smoking?
[14/12/2014 09:12] Mellowman: Breast cancer.
[14/12/2014 09:14] ME: Men have breasts?
[14/12/2014 09:14] ME: How you get it?
[14/12/2014 09:14] Mellowman: Dnt know
[14/12/2014 09:15] ME: Does it hurt?
[14/12/2014 09:24] Mellowman: No
[14/12/2014 09:26] ME: How did u notice? did u have tenderness?
[14/12/2014 09:28] Mellowman: Yes
[14/12/2014 09:28] ME: Is breast cancer around nipple?
[14/12/2014 09:32] ME: Only one side?
[14/12/2014 09:34] Mellowman: Yes
[14/12/2014 09:37] ME: The op done?
[14/12/2014 09:59] Mellowman: 19jan
[14/12/2014 10:13] ME: U on.sick.leave
[14/12/2014 10:52] Mellowman: Yes
[14/12/2014 12:14] ME: Hospital?
[14/12/2014 12:14] Mellowman: No
[14/12/2014 12:28] ME: Is a crap situation, how are the kids dealing with it.
[14/12/2014 16:58] ME: Is a crap situation, how are the kids dealing with it.
[15/12/2014 06:19] ME: U still have appetite?
[15/12/2014 06:20] Mellowman: Yes. Stil sleeping
[15/12/2014 06:24] ME: What time fajr?
[15/12/2014 08:51] ME: Family cancer syndromes - when should I worry?

When many cases of cancer occur in a family, it is most often due to chance or because family members have been exposed to a common toxin, such as cigarette smoking. Less often, these cancers may be caused by an inherited gene mutation causing a family cancer syndrome. Certain things make it more likely cancers in a family are caused by a family cancer syndrome, such as

    Many cases of an uncommon or rare type of cancer (like kidney cancer).
    Cancers occurring at younger ages than usual (like colon cancer in a 20 year old)
    More than one type of cancer in a single person (like a woman with both breast and ovarian cancer)
    Cancers occurring in both of a pair of organs (both eyes, both kidneys, both breasts)
    More than one childhood cancer in a set of siblings (like sarcoma in both a brother and a sister)
    Cancer occurring in the sex not usually affected (like breast cancer in a man)

[15/12/2014 08:54] ME: brothers have cancer. I worried. i think u dont care, about me. But I ask.u now to.please tell me the symptoms. I already made doc.appointment. i appeal to.ur human side and please help me either prevent or get early diagnosis
[15/12/2014 09:38] Mellowman: Small lump in breast tissue thats all
[15/12/2014 10:06] ME: Around my nipple is bumpy
[15/12/2014 10:07] ME: I c doc soon. Should i worry
[15/12/2014 10:08] Mellowman: If it is a lump under the skin then worry
[15/12/2014 10:30] ME: Yes Under
[15/12/2014 10:30] ME: But Cant say if i.always had that since puberty
[15/12/2014 10:36] ME: Can u send pic of your bumpy area
[15/12/2014 10:38] ME: Is your lump.hard?
[15/12/2014 10:39] Mellowman: Driving be back soon
[15/12/2014 11:01] ME: Ok
[15/12/2014 16:03] ME: Is your lump.hard?
[15/12/2014 16:03] Mellowman: No it is soft!
[15/12/2014 16:03] Mellowman: Hehe
[15/12/2014 16:06] ME: Round?
[15/12/2014 16:06] ME: Or like squashed egg shape
[15/12/2014 16:07] ME: Yip that could found funny
[15/12/2014 16:10] ME: Does it feel like Swollen muscle? around nipple
[15/12/2014 16:14] ME: Yip that could sound funny
[15/12/2014 17:53] ME: Is a crap situation, how are the kids dealing with it.
[15/12/2014 17:53] Mellowman: They doing ok. I think. Irregular shaped. Almost oval
[16/12/2014 07:02] ME: good if kids r ok. Do u feel weak? nausea any other symptoms?
[16/12/2014 07:21] Mellowman: No symptoms. Feel healthy
[16/12/2014 07:29] ME: Do u still smoke? do u stress alot?
[16/12/2014 07:29] Mellowman: No stress
[16/12/2014 07:48] ME: Did they check if its a.gene disorder. Since breast cancer men is rare
[16/12/2014 08:01] Mellowman: No
[16/12/2014 08:11] ME: R u worried
[16/12/2014 08:27] Mellowman: Yes but not much
[16/12/2014 08:30] ME: When did u stop smoking
[16/12/2014 08:30] Mellowman: I dnt
[16/12/2014 08:31] Mellowman: Good
[16/12/2014 08:31] ME: I have a few good memories of you.
[16/12/2014 08:32] ME: 1St. How you told me about the universe as a kid
[16/12/2014 08:33] Mellowman: Ok
[16/12/2014 08:33] ME: 2nd. How u feared no insects and spiders
[16/12/2014 08:34] Mellowman: Ok
[16/12/2014 08:34] ME: 3 u got me interested in mysteries like von Daniken
[16/12/2014 08:34] ME: 4 LOVED how u told stories
[16/12/2014 08:35] ME: 5 U helped me write essay for school
[16/12/2014 08:35] ME: 6 Protected me from linky, the bully
[16/12/2014 08:36] ME: 7 I loved the swellendam hike with you
[16/12/2014 08:37] ME: 8 I still tell my kids how u caught crayfish with your hands. And i was so scared
[16/12/2014 08:38] Mellowman: Ok
[16/12/2014 08:38] ME: 9 Liked how you could kick me under the bed when i was 17
[16/12/2014 08:38] ME: 10 You had amazing control as a teacher. I.was proud
[16/12/2014 08:39] ME: 11. Was so amazing when you bought that new car. Put our family on the market
[16/12/2014 08:40] ME: I want to thank you for those memories. Will always treasure them.
[16/12/2014 08:41] ME: I am happy you gave me this chance now. THANK YOU
[16/12/2014 08:41] Mellowman: Ok

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A good social system

A good social insurance system should ensure that the minority, who are in need in a society, is also properly cared for.

We are supposed to be humane and not animals, who discard their weak animals in survival of the fittest.

However, in some organised societies, the social insurance system is a tool used to stream line the minority, such that the overall system, voted into power by the majority in democracy, maintains steady financial growth, by ensuring that they optimally utilise even the minority efficiently, who are in this case the sick, disabled or needy people, and do it so professionally, by hiding it with countless procedures, that the majority find it tough to realise, that the social system is caring for the weak, in the same way a horse owner will care for his sick race horse, to get the maximum financial benefit out of racing the horse until it's mortally crippled.

So, how does the social system operate in your country?

A quote from a person in the Asia:

 "In this part of Asia, people believe more in themselves rather than a collective system, so we pay far less tax and try to save for the bad days as apposed to the western world. With that in mind most of welfare is just to keep one barely alive, so consider yourself lucky if you are in the west ... it can be worse here"

It is better to save for your self, than to be conned by a system that takes years of payments and gives you nothing when something happens, because they have perfect procedures that guarantees no payout, emphasis on the take, because there is no option, you have to pay it.

In my working life I could have saved a fortune with all those forced social insurance payments I made, enough to survive now, but now I am forced to beg for what I was insured for and treated like a criminal.

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