Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Evil Ones

It is so easy to see the evil of murderer or a molester.

Or it is easy to see the damage done by certain thugs who kill each other and destroy the lives of many for a piece of the drug bounty.

Then, when we catch them, we lock them up or punish them.

These definite crimes, that are so clear to judge.

But what of those criminals who make the laws and disguise them so well?

But yet those who are manipulated and abused by them, experience their evil.

Big corporations, governments and insurances, who hide behind their own systems.

Yes, they select their own doctors, lawyers, have a variety of service providers who assist them to keep the power and the money to themselves and fool the populations into thinking they have voted for a just system.

They were Selected by the people.

Who will punish them for destroying so many lives?

They are the real evil of the world.

Those evil folk are known by those who experience their evil, but cannot prove anything to the masses who could make a difference.

The evil ones know how to hide and show beautiful faces.

They are like beautiful women with soiled panties.

All fake and spreaders of evil disease, but still many choose to follow and to be like those beautifully faked appearances.

My mother said, they will eventually hang themselves, but in the meantime what of all the people who are suffering abuse. 

Who suffer alone, while the masses follow their selected governments in blind happiness?

Well that is the way of the human; we group and rejoice as long as we are not the minority being abused.

Tomorrow we hope for a piece of bread.

We look forward and we hope the sun will rise on the masses, so they see the evil and perhaps those abused might in the future sleep with a full contented belly.

Saturday, 15 November 2014


For every good folk there is an enemy, inspiring delusion amongst each other with decorative speech. The hearts of those who are evil will incline toward this speech and they will feel satisfied committing atrocities while believing they are reformers.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

New thought 2

Some can think to make a living and others received things to make a living.

None is better than the other, but those who think they are better are fraught with ignorance and cause destruction beyond what their instinct can perceive and remain filled with blissful righteousness.

New Thought

A special gratitude to all those who think and do more than what is instinct.

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