Tuesday, 19 August 2014


In some cases success is defined as having a highly paying career, having made millions, winning the lottery, being world champion, saving millions of lives etc.

In the end, to find food and shelter is the main goal. We all wish to survive and store resources for a rainy day, and to do it easily and without stress.

In general we are not all self-sustaining, that is, we do not produce ourselves, all that we need to secure our food and shelter.

Hence it boils down to selling your services in a job or trading the products you have produced to support your daily food and shelter needs.

If you are lucky and you have interests, skills and products wanted by many, then your daily trading will be lucrative.

In these cases, those lucky individuals, probably see their activities as their hobbies and hence are highly motivated.

For most it’s more a case of doing something else to make enough, since their own interests and skills are not what most prefer to trade for.

Take the sports world. Track and field athletes, only the top few can make a decent living from it. However, soccer matches fill stadiums only for local matches.

Whereas, the European athletics championship, can’t even fill the stadium. Hence, there is not much money for the athletics enthusiasts, but millions for the soccer players.

So if you were lucky enough to enjoy soccer and became good at it at a regional level, you would most likely make much more than a national sprint athlete.

Since soccer is so well known in bringing fortunes, many then dream of being soccer players,  because of what it offers.

In my opinion, if you then make it big, you are not successful, if you do not have a natural liking for soccer and just did it because it is something you enjoy due to the fortune that came from it.

I would say, the one who does what he enjoys with passion, even if it is not well compensated and still manages to provide food and shelter, has achieved success.

Be who you are and do what you like. 

Don’t scan the markets to see where you can sell your soul for a dollar.

Success is when you have survived by being yourself.


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