Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Organised Societies Part 2: Conducting the Masses !!!

I prefer not to follow the news, because it is filled with negativity, however at times, it can be used to get people to join a cause.

We all belong to groups, whether it is sports, work, friends, religion, family, ideas, practices or culture. 

We feel safety in numbers.

It is probable, that you will stand up or even fight for the causes of the group you belong to. 

We do this to gain Hope Energy and correlate this to maintaining our own safety. 

Some may also become lost in the group identity and just follow any cause of the group.

If this happens it could be that causes are blindly followed irrespective whether its good or bad.

It then only matters that it is a cause of the group.

Once you have aligned to a group, it takes a special effort to see the causes with your own identity, since you have become the group.

If it becomes possible to oppose a cause of your group, then this special event could be met with great opposition. 

A task that requires heaps of latent Hope Energy to oppose and which most of us probably do not have to spare. 

We don’t like to rock our own groups.

If a cause is not sensational or extreme, where you can clearly categorize, most people won’t react. 

Most people when they see a man asking for help because he is hurt, will not help. If the same man is knocked by a car then, more likely, people will help.

Many times people need extremes to see its black, else it just looks grey and they can’t determine if it’s a bad or good thing or what to do. 

Unless of course, somebody initiates an action, then people more likely will follow. 

That is, the man probably does not need help if he asks, but he probably needs help if some other person says he does, especially if it’s an important person or it’s in the media hype.

In the same way, if some people are being bombed, it is extreme and people can then see it is a black and not a grey situation. 

At any given moment there are many injustices all over the world. However, folk most likely only react to those which can be seen as extreme. 

This is where the news, media hype and propaganda is so effective in conducting the masses.

It was never about who is ruling. It will always be about surviving. We as living things tend to hang on to what we think we need to survive. In many cases we think this relates to being in the ruling power group. 

This need to survive in most cases overshadows sympathy for others and hence, we tend to share less in what we perceive as grey events or much more when an extreme event is clearly highlighted in the news. 

We are a nation of news believers.

You can also read the article Organised Societies, which gives an idea of how people tend to herd and strive for leading or ruling positions to assist in their own survival and forgetting that these coveted roles are merely just roles and not really what is needed to survive.

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