Monday, 25 August 2014

Human Interactions: Being a social magnet: Part 4

Something that I suck at is keeping people interested in what I am saying or getting people to want to talk to me for long periods.

When I attend socials, I can be termed as the opposite to a social magnet.

To be a social magnet, don't be like me!

Here are some things I do: 
  1. I make little eye contact when I speak. Its like I scan for mystery objects and follow them around searching for the thoughts in my mind.

  2. I am very aware of the speaker but, do not show this to the speaker in my facial expressions or body language. I have very little facial expressions.

  3. I am not good at relating events, if I see no point in it.

  4. I find it hard to follow and understand events being retold and tend to drift away, trying to understand it or simply hooking onto some key words and making some connections with those, and hence missing the whole event that was related.

  5. Small talk is alien concept, in that I have no ideas how to make it and see no point in why people do it.

  6. I drift into analysing every little thing and enjoy the process immensely, the solution to things seldom interests me, and hence most seem to find this tiring since, to others it looks as if I am going in circles, but it is just me looking at various options.

  7. I enjoy analyzing weaknesses and issues. Most people prefer not to delve into these, since they see it as negative. They prefer to avoid this and love to relate pleasant events.

  8. It does not interest me to be liked and people seldom interest me, unless they have some ideas or topics of interest to me.

  9. When I meet a women who I find sexually attractive, then my survival instinct comes to play and I go into caveman mode, it becomes all about getting her body and her mind is irrelevant, which in most cases is a turn off
Here is Human Interactions Part 1

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