Friday, 4 July 2014

Dynamics of life 

The Limits that Steer

Moving away was not easy.
It was never my plan.

Running was my interest.
I wanted to test my limits.

A scholarship won, prolonged my university stay.
Time needed to test my limits.

Those were happy days when I steered myself.
 The days before I quit my interest.

I missed my parents.
I would call my mom.

“Why are you such a sissy? Grow up, you mommy’s boy.”
The phone bill enlightened.

 “I caused the bill, I lied and called my mom.” she admitted.

Gone were the days of steering myself.
Enter the blind days, steered to my limits.


  1. I met this guy. He was very smart. I learned a lot from him

    I wish you all the success and happiness to you and to your family.

  2. Very interesting and moving story , we are all parent and we understand the meaning of what you have said, please keep posting.

  3. Life takes us on a winding road made up of our choices, conscious decisions and yes, even fate. We can only pray the journey is worth taking. At least being in the service of a woman is considered a noble cause lol

  4. Thank you, FOR SHARING... REALLY TOUCHED ME ...

    knowing that you were so active and healthy,living a life that made you content and happy..

    Made me realize to again ,how grateful we should be to the Almighty , and ONLY He Allah ta alla is in control of all our affairs, and it is stated that in The Holy Quran that Allah will test the believing slaves ,

    also remembering the suffering and hardships the prophets went thru

    STAY POSITIVE the remembrance of Allah swt Mercy...and that after difficulties comes 2 ease.. Allah's Promise we must take for granted....

  5. Your parents, they were EXTREMLY PROUD OF YOU.. your mom and dad always use to brag about what a good son you are to them...LOL...

    Maybe becoz is Ramadaan, my senses and emotions are heighten about your test ....and abt the muslims dying in Syria,kids......and all over the world, The Mujahideen fighting in the Path of Allah. SOB !!

    Let the fact console you ,that it could have been worse
    your have beautiful kids, a wife a roof over your head , you are still able to do things for your kids..

    Then after all this .... U Still have such a lot to be grateful for,
    You were such a good son to your parents , and on that Allah ta alla will bestow his Mercy on you.....Hold on to the Rope of Allah....

    This is a month of Mercy.. a gift from Allah ta alla... believe in miracles...



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