Sunday, 6 July 2014

The future is open 
Vacuum Day has been postponed.
Tomorrow starts, tests round three.
How easy they update their laws.
They have their fine print readers.
Two weeks, since receiving their notifications.
Been testing the limits.
Been static too long.
New pain radiates within.
Pain, removes the pleasures.
It amplifies the fear of loss.
Its toll accumulates.
And awakens the instinct.
Alive, survive, fight !
Fueled with Adrenaline.
This fight will be won.
The pleasures will return.


  1. Most of us live our lives in fear, yours has a face and name. Face your challenger with the spirit that has carried you to this point. It is called Adahb and you have that in spades. This too shall pass. The duah of a fasting man holds so much power and you have been consistent in being a good man, father and husband.

  2. Quite a positive conclusion. After having read the first five lines, I imagined this would be a rant about the policies of health insurance companies. You turned it into a message of hope. Great stuff to read before beginning the day.


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