Sunday, 20 July 2014

Human Interactions: Kids and Conflict Resolution Part 2

This is an example of a Human interaction.  Please refer to the quick guide on how to gain Hope Energy from Human interactions.

“Pops don’t want to give my stone back” cries Monkey.

“Pops, why don’t you give her stone back?” P. Bear asks.

“She smiled when I got hurt and did not say sorry.” replies Pops.

“Why must I say sorry? I did not hurt her?” smirks Monkey.

“If she broke her arm would you smile? Wont you then say that you sorry that she broke her arm?” P. Bear asks.

“Yes, but she only tripped. It did not look like she got hurt and it looked funny, so I smiled” Says Monkey.

“To you it might look like she did not get hurt, but if she says she got hurt and clearly she is upset, then why would you not want to sympathise with your sister, who you clearly love to play with?” says P. Bear.

“Because she took my stone.” says Monkey.

“Pops, maybe you should have told her you got hurt when she smiled and would have liked her to show some sympathy when you tripped, instead of taking her stone.”

“Monkey, I suggest, now that you know she was hurt, to say sorry and I am sure Pops will give the stone back. Then go and play a new game together, it is nice and cool outside now.”

Human Interactions: Keep kids playing. Part 3 is an analysis, of what looked like a simple human interaction. 

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