Monday, 14 July 2014

How to get girls to do push ups and carry shopping bags
As a teenager I discovered training. However, even as a kid I loved to run fast and was active. In my community most kids and especially girls did no sport.

When their bodies became out of shape they would buy more and more clothes in the hope of  looking in shape.

But it mostly did not help.

As a teenager a potential girlfriend, had to be able to do 5 proper push ups. Else I would have no interest.

In my community women were the ones who cooked, cleaned and never did any hard labour. They could not even carry a shopping bag from the car to the house, this was the man's job. Even then, I believed that women and men should be equal.

This was not well accepted among the girls I met. “You want me to carry my own bags and you even want help to carry your bags”. “Yes, this will help you shape your wobbly bottom.” I would suggest.

When we discovered our first baby was to be a girl, it was rather shocking in that I did not ever think that I would be able to produce a girl. 

Would my girl become a bimbo concerned with clothes and have a wobbly bottom with bye-bye arms that needs a man to carry her shopping bag?

Never Never Never.

When she was 4 and able to listen for up to 30 minutes to group instructions she joined the BJJ club with me. I was to make her a warrior girl who could think and move her own body without it wobbling about.

I soon discovered girls don’t really like to play fight. By then I already had 2 more daughters, 2 years apart.

Never give up. We made BJJ our family hobby. Even my wife started to train when the oldest was 5. Lead by example and do it regularly became our motto.

Kids loose interest in most things they start. I am a firm believer in not giving them the chance to decide on certain things. Warrior training including BJJ is one of those in our family. Just like they don’t like going to school all the time, this they will have to do.
As compensation they are allowed to join a secondary club of their choosing. The older one loves climbing and joined a rock climbing club and the other two started athletics.

And of course we had to watch how they eat. Will create a post on that later.

Now that they are doing BJJ for some time and have won a few competitions and even applied it once or twice on some boys in school, they slowly start to enjoy the fact that being a warrior girl has advantages. Especially when the boys realise they cant be bullied like some other girls.

They like the that fact that they know self defense, but still lack a certain self-drive of wanting to be better. However, the fight is not over. While they are under PBear they will continue.

The older one is 13 now and also started enjoying yoga which she finds helps her with BJJ and rock climbing.  Recently started to lead our stretching sessions.

And mostly she is now aware of not getting wobbly and is able to do things herself. It was a tough battle, since my girls did not like to be as active as I recall I was. They are always saying my memory is polluted. "Pappie you just like to brag about how good you were."

With perseverance and working through the nagging training sessions, it seems the big battle has been won. 9 years of warrior training and leading by example, has paid off.

My girls are aware of how not to get wobbly, can all do 5 push ups and carry shopping bags themselves.

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