Monday, 28 July 2014

Her Arrival

The drive to the airport seems longer than the first time. The traffic is moving along as normal. The engine is working smoothly while being pushed to its limits. 

He knows the roads and where he can speed. 

I have to remain careful; do not want to get into any accident now, he thinks.

That morning he was up earlier. Showered, shaved and dressed smarter than usual. Anxious excitement of the arrival of his girlfriend. She was flying over 9000 km to meet him.  

The same time zone, will make settling in easier, he thought.

The connecting flight arrived as scheduled. 

It has been four months, since they spent their first amazing adventure, together in southern Europe.

Anxious, hopeful and happy, his emotions were on overdrive.

How will she look?

Will she be in shape?

What will she be wearing?

Will she be as excited as him?

Waiting. The Flight arrived. All the passengers already collected their luggage and were leaving the airport.

He waited; perhaps she was in the toilet. The small arrival hall remained empty besides the staff.

The disappointment hit like a pulsing wave. 

She is not here.

When did she change her mind?

Was she fooling him all the time?

Did she even board the flight?

Was she kidnapped?

She did not get sick on the plane. No medical staff passed through the area.

There must have been a delay somewhere. But the connecting flight was on time? 

The information center informed him that the international flight was delayed. They were not sure on which flight she was and advised him to return home.

He was very disappointed. Having no idea where she was, he returned home.

I hope he checked the local flights, she was thinking during transit after discovering the delay.

The long flight was uneventful and she could even sleep a few hours. Her excitement grew as she entered her connecting flight. Two more hours to go. Her first trip to this continent.

Her friends were saying she is brave to go all that way alone and to a strange risky country. To meet a guy she only knew for a short vacation. 

However, her memories of the summer adventure were still vivid and she was excited to see him again and this vanquished her friends fears.

During transit she freshened up, checked her makeup, and put a on a new t-shirt. She was ready.

Will we still get along?

Will I still like him? 

How will he treat me around his family and friends?

Will the trip he planned be as exciting as I expect it?

Will he be happy that I lost weight and worked out?

The first time in this city; collecting her luggage and feeling the excitement growing as she walks to the arrival hall. The hall is empty.

He is not here.

Perhaps he is late. Was she stupid to trust him. She had not booked any hotel and had no idea how things functioned in this country. The words of her friends echoes like weights in her head.

On a few occasions when she phoned him, his mom directed her to his friends numbers. Maybe he was not even living with his mom, as he said he was.

I will have to get his mom to give me a place to stay because I don't have enough money, she thinks.

Thirty minutes passed, since she had her luggage. Still no sign of him.

She hears an announcement. Can that be correct? Did they say her name?

The announcement comes again and she rushes to the counter.

Don’t worry, he is on his way, says a soothing familiar voice on the phone.

From home he called the airlines again and they said she boarded a flight that will be arriving shortly. He asked his mom to call the airport and get them to announce for her so she won’t be nervous.

As he enters the airport lounge and sees her relieved smile and feels the happiness beam off her being, he knows the wait is over and she is here to stay.

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  1. Nice but this is for guys not girls
    A guy wud never be commenting on a girls weight in a story. N she sounds pressured to keep the weight off wen in reality because of hormones injuries n the like she might not always 'b in shape'
    Too much pressure


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