Friday, 4 July 2014

Day 5

Pops will be back tomorrow. 

For days she worried about her trip. “Nothing will go wrong.” I persuade, more myself.
She is always trying to do what’s right. One would think a child who listens is an easy child.

Psycho Pops says it all. Complicated, directed, opinionated, perceptive, sensitive and driven. Her need to know, her need to understand, her need to express herself, the speed at which she processes and disperses her thoughts.

I struggle to keep up; she knows this and jumbles my mind. 

However, she can be so wrapped in her mind, that when she is disturbed, it can derange her thoughts and leave her in chaos. When this happens she becomes emotional and reactive.

Couple this with her drive and logic, and her reaction penetrates to the soul. This is her way, when she is confused and overwhelmed. 

“That is your child.” says the Governor.

Tomorrow she returns. I have missed her dearly, even her complicated outbursts. The stories she will so vividly relate, the adventures she had, I anxiously await.


  1. All fathers normally feels this way about their daughters hey......I take it this must be your middle daughter???

  2. The fact that we can read them so well does not make it easier nor less frustrating. Sadly the joyous moments with them are few and far between interspersed with many a tense, miscommunicated, lack of understanding episode that causes much heartache. Signs of growing up - on both the side of the child as well as the parent:)


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