Saturday, 19 July 2014

Barefoot Walk

School holidays and the governor has a day off. After deliberation it is decided that I will take the risk of sitting for 3 hours in the car. My vertebrae has been  torturous these last few days.

The governor warned me not to aggravate my spine in the days before the tests but, I needed to see what was possible in the two weeks before testing.

So spent a few hours a day sitting and now I pay the price. Could not even lie down without the excruciating pain. However, it has recovered a bit in the last week and we decide to risk driving 3 hours to do a barefoot hike.

Barefoot walking, some say is a cure for any back pain.

After driving for 5 minutes I pull over and feel the angle in the drivers seat is hurting too much and the governor takes the wheel.

The girls are as usual in the back seat. Two are still in car seats and Queeny is in the middle.

It is 32°C. summer is back, the drive is long but, in some way pleasant. The idea of walking about in nature is always welcoming and the girls are looking forward to the mud walk.

Yip. Going was a good idea and the walk certainly eased the tension in my spine.

Three hours of Barefoot walking across fields, through some forests, past a golf course, through a mud path and we have 4 Happy females and one contented Houseman.

The governor always knows best.

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