Tuesday, 1 July 2014

MMA/BJJ Training video: Burpee, Pushup and wide leg high knee squat jump

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Slowly getting back into shape. Today's routine works various muscle groups and combines it with mobility. I find mobility exercises help to stabilise my core. A strong core helps to stabilise my neck and I have less pain.

Important  when landing is to bend into the knees and land as soft as possible. When jumping, keep legs wide open and lift knees as high as possible.

During kids class, its a quick way to get adrenaline pumping since, various big muscle groups are stimulated and heat is quickly produced.

By setting a time limit and counting the repetitions, friendly competition is stimulated during the training session.

Don't forget to do a short warm up before starting this routine. 

To challenge yourself, do as many as possible, and when you exhausted, take a short break, perhaps 30s and then do it again. Count how many sets you can do.

Enjoy and please give some feedback.

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  1. It's a good exercise to get warm, it help you feel awake and focused I prefer this kind of explosive and short movements instead of long running sessions which just make feel tired and numb afterwards.


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