Saturday, 12 July 2014

A Quick Guide to Positive Human Interactions and Hope Energy. Part 1

Have you ever wondered why people interact with each other or what they hope to achieve by interacting with others?

For an interaction to occur two or more people need to mutually and consciously sense that something occurred between them during a particular interval of time.

If only one senses something, it is defined as a non-interaction. The prefix, inter, means “between,” “among,” “mutually,” “reciprocally,” “together”.

Here are some forms of Human Interactions:
  • Socialising
  • War
  • Fighting
  • Sex
  • Playing
  • Sport
  • Work
Hope Energy, I will define as the energy that drives us to want to be alive, do more, better ourselves, better the world and be happy.

All interactions we have with people can affect this hope energy.

An interaction with Humans can have 3 outcomes in hope energy:
  1. You have more.
  2. You have less.
  3. You feel no noticeable change.
It is probably more likely that most people prefer to be in interactions which result in them feeling better and avoid those interactions which make them feel worse.

This is our survival instinct, and can be illustrated in a social interaction. Imagine you meet a person and have a talk and you agree mutually about what you spoke. This agreement creates a small bond between the parties and we subconsciously think that we have a better chance of surviving because we have bonded in purpose and in action.

This is why bonds are even stronger when they occur in extreme interacting events. You are more likely to seek out the interaction of the one who saved your life, than the one who greeted you on the way to the supermarket.

Human Interactions increase Hope Energy when they result in:
  • Knowledge gained,
  • Good experience
  • Agreement
  • Getting something you want
  • Sharing
  • Etc.
It is driven by survival as the measurement, since they all could increase your chance of surviving. This makes you happy thinking you have done something that increase your chances to survive. To be alive and happy is what most strive for.

In the end it is possible to make all interactions Hope Energy increasing, by selecting how you look at what happened.

So, don’t be in disarray when your first reaction to an human interaction is negative.

When you retrospect in connection with the Hope Energy increasing results listed, it is mostly likely possible to place it into one of those.

It is YOUR CHOICE to make every interaction you ever had positive.

Part 2 


  1. This article has increased my Hope Energy for today:)

  2. I like the end of the article :) it's a desicion of a lifestyle


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