Friday, 27 June 2014

The Calm before the Storm

Yesterday I mowed the lawn and finally we have a new washing machine. 8kg loads are now possible. The governor has properly rinsed clothes, she says.

Less and easier washing days are now possible. Not that washing is a big issue. Rather easy. Sort clothes, put in washing machine, hang out to dry, then collect them for the governor to fold and iron.

My mom, with her twin tub cold water washing. It used to take her all day. My mom was 41 at my birth and sickly. I recall how her hands used to pain from the cold when she did the washing and how tired she became. Got get her an automatic washing machine when she was 68, after I worked 3 years. At least she had 10 years of easy washing.

We had no lawn then to mow. Now I have 400m2 of lawn. It takes me 1 hour. It’s good for my neck.
Kids are at school and the weather is good. Mowing is easy and keeps me moving. Still need to learn how to iron clothes.

However, today I am calm. The calm of nothing disturbs me. Since in 1 week the final check is on; the insurance masters will decide how much food I get.

Yet I am calm. Not sure how to deal with this. 

Summer time is here. School year end is upon us. All my kids passed and did well, even Queeny in the advanced school. The school system is complicated relative to what I had.

Grade 6 kids are sorted according the % they have for each subject. 

·        85+% and you go to advanced and University education is possible
·        75+% and you go to intermediary and you can only go to a college or do an apprenticeship
·        60+% and you go to basic and you become a cleaner or less
·        60-% and you get to repeat the grade

Yes, each school has its own curriculum. They filter kids early for this organised ordered society.

Imagine the problem is having dirt on the floor and you want to get rid of it. Adults who come from the Advanced school will think about a solution and come up with the idea of a broom. They will design this broom and give it to kids from the Intermediary school to make, test and sell it. The Basic school kids will do the sweeping. Voila, you have your ordered society. 

The system must be working since, most roads are clean. I would know since, for 6 months I was collecting dirt. It was a community job I did to keep me busy because, I am not able to work my engineering office job anymore.

Queeny passed in the Advanced school, even though the teachers were convinced she would not make it since, as the primary school teachers said, she was too quiet in school. Or is it that foreigners are not as good as the local Superior folk?

Pops has recovered partly from her 3 year sickness and her level is up by 10% and for Monkey, it was just another year in her stride. If they get to the advanced school they will have more options.

Maybe the summer sky is calming this morning. 

The governor is still asleep, it’s her day off.

I have been working on my venture into the media world but, besides that, nothing left but to enjoy the calm moments.

Let’s see how long it lasts...

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