Saturday, 28 June 2014

MMA/BJJ Training Drill Video: The Start of a quality life.
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I am a 44 year old Electrical Engineer with a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and was diagnosed Cervical Degenerative Disc disease with cervical Radiculopathy in 2012 due to being in a sedentary job too long.

I thought that it would heal in a few weeks but, realised that degenerative means, as Murphy says "it will get worse".

When I sit, stand or move slowly gravity works directly down on my discs and my vertebrae starts to press on my nerves which causes a radiating pain down my arms. When I move the pressure is distributed, giving discs regeneration time and the nerves have more space. The other option to reduce the pain is to get my neck in a horizontal position.

To slow the degeneration I need to remain active and strengthen my muscles, especially around my vertebrae. However, after losing my sedentary office job and suffering from severe pain for several months, due to a few pinched nerves, I slipped into a depressive state and did not take proper care of myself.

Meaning, I did not train regularly and began eating too much. Initially the pain was too severe to even do any basic training movements so I spent many hours just lying around.

Slowly I started to move again, did housework, worked in the garden and became a Houseman.

I have now started to get back in shape and I made a short MMA/BJJ Drill exercise which gives easy movement and mobility.

Hope You Enjoy the video and perhaps it inspires me and YOU to remain more active, this way reducing the radiating pain in my arms and improving my quality of life.

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