Sunday, 15 June 2014

Preparing Lunch for your kids vs BJJ Takedowns for fun
I might be training and living, but most likely will never be able to work in my trained job again.

I have no clue how I will make money ever again. And the insurance have still not made a decision.

This is stressing and constant physical pain makes me agitated.

What will I do?

Up at 7:00. Wake kids prepare breakfast and snacks for them. They had an athletic meet last night so nobody wants to get up this morning. Open their windows get the cool morning air in.

What will I cook today? My three girls will be home soon. They are reaching that age when Papi is not the hero anymore. Those 1st 9 years of being the hero pass by so fast. All they now see is the stressed out houseman being home since 2012.

My wife started working again, 40% she likes her job, meaning I am  promoted to cooking lunch some mornings.

Should I use salt or mixed spice for the mince. Tough decisions. Rice or spaghetti. At least its not vacuuming day, missing that is big trouble with the Governor. Got to get the shutters closed before the house overheats, been over 30° the last few days. Yes, cook something that goes quick. Don't want to add more heat to the house.

Planning schedule. Yip, my 18 years as an engineer is helping. Not wasted, when used to cook.

Started this blog today. Running late with the cooking its 11:40, have to leave the blog and cook. Kids arrive at 12:00. Set the table, take out the cutlery, clear the dishwasher, defrost the mince. Spice the mince, put the rice in the microwave. Add mince to pan with veggies.

A morning done. Still no ideas how to make that money.

BJJ Takedowns with kids tonight. A happy thought.

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