Saturday, 14 June 2014

Keeping the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu home training fun for all.
30° C hot, sticky, neck hurts and miserable. BJJ Takedowns the awaited endorphin pep up after a day of being the houseman.

The girls are doing step dance routine they did at school. More fun, they say than the normal warm up. Perhaps it is a good idea in this heat. Monkey, my baby and Pops, the middle one, are leading and I struggle to follow the aerobic steps. Vivien is already building a sweat.

Some break falling follows and I show a new fall drill. Pops surprisingly gets all into it. "Monkey stop moaning, you have to be tough" I call. “I have a right to say what I think or not? And I am being tough; you know how my ankle hurts".

Suppose teaching your own kids and their best friend is not recommended. Have to make the best of it.

Visited the local Judo club and discovered they prefer never to do free sparring and because their partners are excellent in doing self-throwing break falls they think they can do takedowns.

Perhaps I need to learn how to sell that which is popular and forget as engineers we prefer things to be functional. People prefer to do what they know than to try anything new until it arrives via USA.

Until then I have my girls who are doing a takedown.

“Pops try to lower your center and turn the other way” I suggest. She then shouts “Then why did you say I must move in this direction.” “Just try what I say. Wait, let me show you where to put your foot” I reply. “ Ooouccch don’t turn me so hard and I am turning my foot like that“ shouts Pops. 

Vivien is happily showing all how well she listens and when I shout she says, “ It is best If you have patience with them, since you know Pops is a good fighter

Eventually they manage to get the movement going and all are highly energized and its how the class ends after the sparring session. Three trained girls and one tired houseman.


  1. Sounds like you well entertained. Do you ever go running?

    1. We do athletics training as well, but none of us like to run long distances.

  2. Mission accomplished!!! And you're right; it's not easy training your own family and friends....


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