Saturday, 28 June 2014

MMA/BJJ Training Drill Video: The Start of a quality life.
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I am a 44 year old Electrical Engineer with a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and was diagnosed Cervical Degenerative Disc disease with cervical Radiculopathy in 2012 due to being in a sedentary job too long.

I thought that it would heal in a few weeks but, realised that degenerative means, as Murphy says "it will get worse".

When I sit, stand or move slowly gravity works directly down on my discs and my vertebrae starts to press on my nerves which causes a radiating pain down my arms. When I move the pressure is distributed, giving discs regeneration time and the nerves have more space. The other option to reduce the pain is to get my neck in a horizontal position.

To slow the degeneration I need to remain active and strengthen my muscles, especially around my vertebrae. However, after losing my sedentary office job and suffering from severe pain for several months, due to a few pinched nerves, I slipped into a depressive state and did not take proper care of myself.

Meaning, I did not train regularly and began eating too much. Initially the pain was too severe to even do any basic training movements so I spent many hours just lying around.

Slowly I started to move again, did housework, worked in the garden and became a Houseman.

I have now started to get back in shape and I made a short MMA/BJJ Drill exercise which gives easy movement and mobility.

Hope You Enjoy the video and perhaps it inspires me and YOU to remain more active, this way reducing the radiating pain in my arms and improving my quality of life.

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Calm before the Storm

Yesterday I mowed the lawn and finally we have a new washing machine. 8kg loads are now possible. The governor has properly rinsed clothes, she says.

Less and easier washing days are now possible. Not that washing is a big issue. Rather easy. Sort clothes, put in washing machine, hang out to dry, then collect them for the governor to fold and iron.

My mom, with her twin tub cold water washing. It used to take her all day. My mom was 41 at my birth and sickly. I recall how her hands used to pain from the cold when she did the washing and how tired she became. Got get her an automatic washing machine when she was 68, after I worked 3 years. At least she had 10 years of easy washing.

We had no lawn then to mow. Now I have 400m2 of lawn. It takes me 1 hour. It’s good for my neck.
Kids are at school and the weather is good. Mowing is easy and keeps me moving. Still need to learn how to iron clothes.

However, today I am calm. The calm of nothing disturbs me. Since in 1 week the final check is on; the insurance masters will decide how much food I get.

Yet I am calm. Not sure how to deal with this. 

Summer time is here. School year end is upon us. All my kids passed and did well, even Queeny in the advanced school. The school system is complicated relative to what I had.

Grade 6 kids are sorted according the % they have for each subject. 

·        85+% and you go to advanced and University education is possible
·        75+% and you go to intermediary and you can only go to a college or do an apprenticeship
·        60+% and you go to basic and you become a cleaner or less
·        60-% and you get to repeat the grade

Yes, each school has its own curriculum. They filter kids early for this organised ordered society.

Imagine the problem is having dirt on the floor and you want to get rid of it. Adults who come from the Advanced school will think about a solution and come up with the idea of a broom. They will design this broom and give it to kids from the Intermediary school to make, test and sell it. The Basic school kids will do the sweeping. Voila, you have your ordered society. 

The system must be working since, most roads are clean. I would know since, for 6 months I was collecting dirt. It was a community job I did to keep me busy because, I am not able to work my engineering office job anymore.

Queeny passed in the Advanced school, even though the teachers were convinced she would not make it since, as the primary school teachers said, she was too quiet in school. Or is it that foreigners are not as good as the local Superior folk?

Pops has recovered partly from her 3 year sickness and her level is up by 10% and for Monkey, it was just another year in her stride. If they get to the advanced school they will have more options.

Maybe the summer sky is calming this morning. 

The governor is still asleep, it’s her day off.

I have been working on my venture into the media world but, besides that, nothing left but to enjoy the calm moments.

Let’s see how long it lasts...

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

About socialising

The Dance

The Husband, is at a party with his friends. Dancing, talking and socialising for fun and leisure. It is what they have always done. It is what he did with his wife. It is the covering of the danger waiting to emerge. 

On this occasion his wife was visiting family out of town. His trusted soul mate of many years, was not with to enjoy this party with him.

The charmer, the friendly man is enjoying the party of friends.

As is usual in most places friends talk and when his wife returns they surely informed her of the events of the party.

As it is with so many folk who live under the idea of perfect happiness, without conflict, they revert to the thing they have always done in cases of conflict. They run, they hide from facing the pending crisis; they don’t talk to those who they should talk to. They run to those who they think they can trust, where they think they are safe.

She ran to her parents who prevented them from talking. The Fact, is The Husband, did not have sex with the other women. Not even a kiss. It was just the normal socialising and dancing, that they as a couple have done on so many occasions before. 

Who knows why the message was interpreted like that? Could it be that the hormones of a newly pregnant woman was causing her sense of reasoning to fade and letting her emotions push away any chance of seeing the facts? Or was it the allegiance to those she trusted even more, the parents, who carelessly prevented a possible reunion by acting on the assumed danger, opening the door for the ripples that grew into chaos.

Her parents did not follow basic guidelines of conflict handling, basic knowledge so lacking in most families, since people would rather prefer to live in perfect worlds and run from the unknown unhappiness of learning how to deal with conflicts. They much rather prefer to think, “We don’t need to learn about conflicts, we know it all and we never have any conflict anyway.” 

The chaos will follow and stalk like ever following shadows.

It is on this note that his wife left. Not a word was spoken between them. All access to any talk were blocked. The Husband became confused, in rage, in unhappiness.

The Husband, who was taken out of school when he was 13 years old. He was the smartest kid in the class. He was the talented young boy. His talents then used to work, to take care of his mother, sickly father and the other siblings. Breeders, making more children, after they forcefully removed the talented child from school to feed the family. To feed even more babies. The ignorance of the time or is it the ignorance of people?

13 years old and working to support a growing family. The older brother was of greater use to his gangster friends. 

The husband at 25 years old, with the lost childhood is confused, angry, sad, unhappy and desperate yet again.

Running to his soul mate and being blocked by her and her parents. The same woman who eased his pain in the past now ignorantly accusing him.

Ridiculed and tossed aside. Worst of all his soul mate denying him the chance to give his evidence. “I will find other happiness.” says The Husband. The Husband of hope.

He found it over and over again. Short lived happiness and contentment. Always striving to do the correct thing and yet the chaos was growing.

Destiny dries the water...

What must one do after having a fight?

Why do we react so strongly?

There is no life with life and without life.

No interaction without trust and yet it is so easily abused.

Can humans be humane?

What is there to live for but, the idea of life?

Is this enough?

When destiny approaches closely, we realise how futile we are.

We are just pushed to see our reactions.

Will you choose to behave or will you loose?

Will your reaction break you?

Life, choice, fate, destiny and food...

Food and shelter, It’s what the living fights for.

Acceptance, the ingredient to find food and shelter.

The Cave is already occupied.

No shelter today.

Tomorrow the light shines and the water dries…

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Inquistive baby video showing us how to enjoy paper and the world
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When do we loose the ability to entertain ourselves?

Or is it more fitting to ask why have we lost our interest in this world?

Babies are inquisitive, imagine a world with inquisitive adults.

Enjoy how this cute baby discovers the power of wind and paper.

My ugly dad
Monkey, the 8 year old:  "PappieBear, I want to take a photo of you."
PappieBear: "Dont take of me, I am not pretty."
Monkey, the 8 year old: "Its ok, then we can remember how ugly you are."

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